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Members: Do you have something you want listed for trade or sale that other beekeepers might be interested in?  You can list them here.

Use the contact form to send Ken (webmaster) an email of what you have to offer. Items should be related to beekeeping, things like hives, queens, nucs, suits, honey, wax, candles, and hive tools. This is not intended to be a complete list, but to show the range of types of beekeeping-related things that we would allow.

All listed items will need to contain: Item, Price, Name and Contact Information. We do ask that you pay the ETBA 20% consignment in exchange for listing your items. The money will help us continue to grow.

ETBA Cookbooks, “Cooking with my Honey”. $13 each. Ask  at any meeting. Purchase of these books helps fund the Honey Queen/Ambassador Program.


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