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This list is purely for informational purposes to help new beekeepers get started and does not constitute an endorsement of any supplier or publisher or their products. This list is by no means complete. We encourage anyone interested in honey bees to research suppliers and publishers as there are many excellent sources not listed here.

Magazines and Literature

American Bee Journal

Bee Culture

Monthly Guide to East Texas Beekeeping

Bee Forage Chart for East Texas

Creating a Pollinator Garden

A Guide to Beekeeping fro Flowers to Harvesting

Bee Products & Suppliers

Golden Bee Products Bee Suits 504-456-8805

Walter Kelley Bee Company 800-233-2899

Dadant 877-632-3268  Location in Paris, Texas

Mann Lake LTD 800-880-7694  Location in Marshall, Texas

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm 800-233-7929

Glory Bee 800 456-7923

Hummer and Son Honey 318-742-3541

Texas Bee Supply  800-356-4229  Locations outside of Houston and Dallas.

Honey Bees

Bee Weaver

Elzner Farms

CNC Farms

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