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Peter Cole, 2018 East Texas Beekeepers Association Senior Ambassador

Peter Cole

Peter is a homeschooled Sophomore, who loves history and horticulture. He is a certified Henderson County Master Gardner, and enjoys teaching elementary children all about the garden and especially honey bees and other pollinators. Peter began his journey with bees in 2014 as an ETBA Scholarship student that teaches the essentials of beekeeping to youth ages 12-17.

Peter earned his Advanced Master Beekeeper Certification in 2017.

Peter has been involved with the Texas Brigade Program and spends his free time promoting Texas Wildlife Management. Looking to the future he is considering Horticulture, Wildlife Management, or Entomology as a career field, and in the meantime will continue to educate others about the benefits of bees, and the beauty of beescapes!

Jacob Cole, 2017 ETBA Senior Ambassador

Jacob Cole

Jacob Cole is a homeschooled high school Junior and former recipient of the ETBA Scholarship in 2013. He is a member of the ETBA and TBA and has recently been certified as an Advance Master Beekeeper.

Jacob assists his two brothers, sister, and parents in managing their nine hive apiary. They also keep a few beef calves, laying chickens, show rabbits, and a horse.

As an Intern with the Henderson County Master Gardner program, Jacob serves bi-weekly at the South Athens Elementary Children’s garden teaching 300 children about garden related topics, including pollination and Honey Bees. He also serves at the Local Food Pantry in Malakoff. When he is not working around his family’s hobby farm or in school, Jacob enjoys hunting, fishing, reading and anything to do with the outdoors. Jacob hopes to attend Texas A&M and follow up by becoming a Texas Game Warden.

For information about the ETBA Honey Queen & Ambassador program contact Dick Counts, ETBA Director at (903) 571-1271 or dick.counts4450@gmail.com, or you can email the ETBA Royal Court at ETBAroyalcourt@gmail.com.

You can lend your support to this excellent and important program by making a tax free donation.  Every penny goes directly to support the Queen and Ambassador in completing their duties and assignments.  Please send your check to:  ETBA Honey Queen Fund, PO Box 9662, Tyler, TX 75711.

The East Texas Beekeepers Association, Inc. is a tax exempt organization under IRS code 501©(3).

$10 tax deductible donation to Mary Jo Brantley Honey Queen Fund

You can lend your support to this  program by making a tax deductible donation.

The goal of the ETBA Honey Queen & Ambassador Program is to encourage young people in our community to take an interest in the honey bee and it’s important function in our environment.   The Honey Queen and Ambassador are responsible for representing the ETBA at social functions and events, teaching the public about the honey bee, its role in pollination of many food crops, and our role in protecting it from extinction.  The Honey Queen and Ambassador travel extensively.  The Queen has the opportunity to compete on a state wide level for the Texas Honey Queen, a post which comes with a substantial scholarship for higher education.  Being a Honey Queen or Ambassador provides invaluable experience in public speaking, organizing and dealing with the public (all ages) as well cultivating a healthy concern for the environment.

Mary Jo Brantley

Mary Jo Brantley Honey Queen Fund

Mary Jo Brantley, always with her husband Stanford, was a strong supporter of the ETBA Honey Queen Program. She provided strong financial support at auctions and other activities.  She was a friend, encourager, mentor, and role model to all ETBA and TBA Queens and Princesses. She gave personal attention to each of our young ladies, lifting their self-esteem, giving emotional support, and encouraging them to do their best. She had a hug and a smile that said I love you for everyone.  Mary Jo went to meet her heavenly Father in December, 2011, but she will always be a part of us.  In appreciation of Mary Jo’s support and service to the Honey Queen program, the ETBA Board and Membership named the program fund in her honor.