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Video library

The East Texas Beekeepers Association maintains an extensive DVD video library covering all aspects of beekeeping.  


  1. The Library is available only at the monthly meetings and only to Members.   
  2. Any Member may check out up to two (2) videos from the Library.  
  3. In cases where there are several family members, please limit yourselves to 2 videos per family.  
  4. All videos must be returned at the next meeting.  
  5. Convenient mailing pouches are provided for those times when one can’t make it to the meeting.  
  6. Postage is required.  Late videos should be returned by mail immediately.
  7. Be sure to report any defective disks.  No one will be held responsible for accidentally breaking or scratching a disk, but we want to replace it as quickly as possible for the benefit of other Members who may want to view the video.

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