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Monthly meetings are generally on the first Thursday of the month held in the back room of the White House Methodist Church, Whitehouse, Texas 75791. Meeting begin at 6:45 PM (1845) and usually run until around 8PM (2200).

The “Got Beekeeper Questions?” Room will be open 6:00-6:30 before the meeting. If you have beekeeping questions, we will try to help you find some answers.

Generally, the Treasurer is available from 6PM (1800) until the meeting starts and for a few minutes after meeting. Please, no Treasurer business during the meeting.


Please review our webpage, https://www.etba.info/, for more details. Use the contact form to contact Ken Wilkinson (webmaster) if you need the password to check information on the members page.

Please visit the members section under the MEMBERS tab and check your information on the Members List. If there are any changes you want to make, please email them to our Treasurer, Jennifer Palmer.  Make sure the Subj: line is “ETBA Roster Changes”. Or talk to Doc before or after a meeting.

Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=east%20texas%20beekeeping %20association. It is a great place to get your questions answered, honeybee and beekeeper news, and share your experiences with other beekeepers.


Annual individual membership is $25.00, and family membership is $45.00, list members. Annual dues are due in January for the year. Paid in full if you wish to become or to remain a member.



  1. Pay at meetings (EXACT CASH PLEASE),
  2. Mail check to“East Texas Beekeepers Association, C/O Treasurer Jennifer Palmer, 16654 Lakeview Circle, Whitehouse, TX 75791” payable to “ETBA”, note: memberships are processed faster at meetings than by mail or
  3. Use PayPal – Join/Renew. Note:

NEW MEMBERSHIPS: Dues are prorated. Please complete the process listed above and include the form below. If purchasing a family membership, please list family members. We want to capture the contact information accurately & ensure everyone receives ETBA newsletters and announcements. Note the PayPal option is limited to full annual payment so for new membership the excess above prorated fees will be a donation to the General Fund.

Join Date                Individual                    Family

Jan-Mar                         $25                             $45

Apr-Jun                         $20                             $35

Jul-Sep                          $15                              $25

Oct-Dec                         $10                              $15

If your contact information has an email ID, you should get a newsletter (one per email ID) a few days before each meeting. If no email ID, your newsletter will be mailed a few days before the meeting. If either fails, contact the Treasurer, preferably by email (Jennifer Palmer) so details can be cut and pasted.

First year beekeepers are eligible for a free one year membership to the Texas Beekeepers Association, go to https://www.texasbeekeepers.org


ETBA is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization. Thus, donations, to include membership, can be claimed if you itemized your deductions. Payment by check should provide sufficient documentation. ETBA generally will not provide information, we do not maintain details of donations and dues.

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