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ETBA Beginner Beekeeping Class

Saturday, April 06, 2024
8:30AM – 4PM
Will be held in New Summerfield, TX. Attendees will be sent an email verifying the location closer to the date of the class.

Cost: $100 per person. Lunch is included in the price.

This class is intended for new beekeepers or those with very limited beekeeping experience.

All proceeds go to the ETBA Youth Scholarship fund. No refunds and no cancellations.

You will learn:

-Basic bee biology.
-How to check a beehive.
-Beekeeping equipment.
-Pests & diseases of beehives.
-Yearly overview of beehive management.
-Hands on experience. *We will spend at least 3 hours checking hives.*

You need to provide:

-Your own protective gear and bring it to the class. This includes:
-Close-toed shoes.
-Bee suit or at least a bee jacket.
-Veil or beekeeping hood.

Students who do not bring proper gear will not be allowed in the bee yard.
Class size is limited to 40 people.

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